B2P & P2P Loan Marketplace, also Sharia Law compliant

Minerva Sharia Financing is a product which aims at bridging the gap between bank offerings and market demands by connecting both lenders and borrowers on a lending platform, which follows the Mudarabah model, most widely accepted model of Sharia Financing.

Borrowers Marketplace:

  • Borrowers are able to see loan advertisements (posted by other borrowers and their own loan).
  • Borrowers can also request for funds from the marketplace. They just need to fill the project details and confirm the details.
  • Borrowers can access this feature via Mobile Application and Web portal too.

Lenders Marketplace:

  • Lenders are able to see all loan advertisements from all borrowers.
  • Lenders can then place a bid to the best project that meets their requirements.
  • Lenders can also access this feature via Mobile Application and Web portal too.

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Parties Involved

Why Investors are Interested?

• Investors can diversify their risk by investing small amounts of capital in many short-term loans.
• Minerva offers investors the opportunity to earn attractive rate of returns on their investment.
• Investors can make a bid to the project as per their convenience i.e. they can change the profit-sharing rate and loan terms which are defined by the borrowers.

Why Borrowers are Interested?

• Platform for Borrowers to fulfill their immediate finance requirements.
• Easy, paperless, convenient Loan Requesting & Accessing platform: just fill the form with required details ex: purpose of the loan, preferred profit-sharing rate, loan term etc., and avail loan.
• Platform for all: Borrowers can be both business firms or SMEs or even individuals.
o Loan request of business users for working capital, asset purchasing, capital expansion etc. can all be fulfilled as well.
o Short-term financing requirements of individual borrowers can also be fulfilled.