Infiniti-Gateway enables connections to almost any periphery system, by utilizing OPEN APIs. Infinti-Gateway sits on top I-Pay Platform (or any other platform) and consumes REST APIs to enable communication across all connected systems / functions.

Since Infiniti Gateway handles, communicates, & exchanges data with all surrounding connected systems, its security is of paramount importance. Thus we have included following security measures within Infiniti Gateway:

  • All transaction communication happens over SSL
  • Customer data is not saving on the system
  • All Settlement reports and payment information are saved encrypted
  • CVV data is not saved
  • PA-DSS standard followed for card transaction processing
  • Visa tokenization is supported for APP transaction processing

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Another important feature of Infiniti-Gateway is that it can be deployed in any environment and implemented / integrated with any Platform / Solution, and it would ensure seamless, secure and interconnected communication with the ecosystem.