Customer Rewards & Loyalty management solution

RosebayTech’s Infiniti-Point solution enables Service Providers to launch Rewards Program for their Customers using their services. Service Providers can define Reward Points so that:

Customer can:

  • Earn per Transaction / Payment
  • Redeem for a defined sum of money
  • Redeem for a Discount Voucher, which can be used while making future purchases
  • Purchase directly using Reward Points at merchant locations
  • Transfer to his/her friends within / outside Service Provider’s network

Merchant can:

  • Define Reward Points that he wishes to give Customers per Merchandize purchased by them
  • Define Points’ conversion rate for points redemption i.e. for purchases made by customers using reward points directly.

Customers & Merchants can use their Mobile Applications (Android / iOS) to view & use their Reward Points.

Basis their rewards points accumulation, Customers & Merchants can be classified into various Tiers, with further new & various benefits.

Admins can use their Web Portal to configure and manage entire Rewards Program.

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