Infiniti-Bank platform is a modular architecture based intelligent & modern platform, and is a complete end-to-end Payment Transactions Platform that caters to Users at Bottom-of-Pyramid as well as to Users at Middle-of-Pyramid & Top-of-Pyramid alike.

Being a modular architecture, any feature / functionality can be enabled / disabled / integrated with periphery systems via OPEN APIs very easily, thereby enabling our Clients complete control over Platform’s Services, Administration, Time-to-market & hence envisioned Revenues from it.

This makes our Infiniti-Banking platform a universal platform, without any geographical / regulatory / functional / technical limitations of any kind.

  • Multi-Channels (Mobile App, USSD, EDC, m-VISA certified QR, Web)
  • Multi-Currency
  • Self & Assisted Transactions, On-Net & Off-Net enabled
  • Proximity Payments
  • Rewards and Loyalty Management
  • International Remittance ready
  • Dynamic billing and bonus system
  • Automated Reconciliation & EOD Settlement
  • Flexible & Configurable to comply with any Country’s Regulations
  • Flexible & Configurable Fraud Management & AML modules
  • Multi-OS capabilities
  • Developed using REST-APIs

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