Fintech: Redefining Financial Ecosystem, People Behavior & Payments

Cash may still be king for now, however many mobile based payment initiatives are being undertaken by multiple businesses that are being adopted by Users at a rapid pace all across the globe. Thus the question is no longer about why, how or what, but about when does the transition to complete cashless society takes place.


We are team of
Experienced Professionals

Team at  RosebayTech  has years of experience in enabling digital financial solutions, and is continuously striving to hasten this transition, for businesses & users alike, while focusing on relevant, enhanced, integrated & frictionless services’ experience. 


RosebayTech was established with the vision of becoming a leading innovator in emerging technologies and an incubation center for future technology based businesses. Since then RosebayTech has built an experienced & competent team to focus on Digital Financial Services + Alternate Financing Services + Blockchain + Enterprises Credit Analytics etc.

Our Core Technology expertise are in the areas of:

  • Digital Finance solutions
  • Blockchain Solution
  • Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for Digital Financial Services Unit:

  • Infiniti-Banking a micro service based Banking/Payments platform;
  • Infiniti-Gateway, end-to-end payments gateway
  • Infiniti-Retail Payments, Merchant acquiring Solution
  • Infiniti-Rewards, a Customer rewards & loyalty solution
  • Minerva, Loan Marketplace (B2P & P2P) Platform (Sharia Law compliant)

Solutions for Blockchain Unit:

  • Supply chain tracking/tracking
  • E-commerce and online marketing
  • Finance and Regtech

Solutions for Enterprise Segment:

  • Infiniti-Router, Service Delivery Platform (SDP) for Value Added Services
  • Infiniti-ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Telecom sector
  • RosebayHR, HR & Payroll Solution for any industry

Our focus is to offer
solutions that:

  • Empower service providers to fulfill their customers’ financial & payments related requirements
  • Create new revenue streams for our Clients, by enabling instant & frictionless payments
  • Help create increased customer loyalty for our Clients, by enabling relevant service ecosystem
  • Positively impact people’s daily lives, by offering most relevant transaction channels & ecosystem

Our Presence

Our  R&D Center is in Nepal and Bangladesh.  Offices are in Malaysia, UK, Indonesia, India