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Globally more than 2 billion people are still unbanked / not part of formal financial system. Due to this they are unable to borrow, save or capitalize on various investment avenues for immediate / future financial security. Governments in many Countries are working to find a solution to this challenge either by modifying or creating policies that enable these people to have access to money when in need. And to achieve their visions, they are leveraging digital channels for services’ delivery to end users. Mobile Wallets have proven to be good alternatives to bank accounts, as they offer users the ability to deposit, send, pay or even save basis their requirements.

Today Mobile Wallets have come a long way from being just a source of funds, to being a complete financial tool for users. Users can now shop / pay online or offline, lend / borrow, get insurances etc. all accessible via their mobile phones. This complete ecosystem is what we call as Digital Financial System.

RosebayTech is all about doing just that.

We leveraged this experience to create more solutions, such as:

We started our journey developing and implementing AEON WALLET solution for AEON cambodia. Success achieved with this solution was testament to our Client’s trust in us and disruption-less financial services they were able to offer to their customers, and in the process helping them build their brand and customer loyalty for themselves. 

We leveraged this experience to create more solutions, such as Mobile WalletInfiniti-Gateway, Loan Management System , P2P Lending Platform (etc.)

  • Infiniti-Banking, an integrated Mobile Banking/Payments platform;
  • Infiniti-Gateway, end-to-end payments gateway
  • Infiniti-Retail Payments, Merchant acquiring Solution
  • Infiniti-Points, a Customer rewards & loyalty solution
  • Infiniti-Loan, Loan (B2C) Management Solution
  • Minerva, Loan Marketplace (B2P & P2P) Platform (Sharia Law compliant)

Services We Provide

Professional Consulting services to help Clients in their Digital Financial Services’ journey

Market-centric Software Solutions for Banking, Telecom, Government, Retail etc. sectors

Managed Services to help our Clients with technical expertise to ensure optimized bottom-lines

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UK Office Address: Flavia Estate, 93-94, Old hambers, Surrey, United Kingdom

Bangladesh Office Address: 18, Quantam Mustafa Tower, 6th Floor, Gausul Azam Avenue, Sector 13, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Indonesia Office Address: Prudential Centre, 22nd Floor, Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88, Jakarta 12870, Indonesia

Malaysia Office Address: Suite 8.01, 8th Floor, Menara IGB, 1, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia